Mystic Destinies: Echoes - Cillian's Route, Now Released!

Added: Chapter 09_02, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Divine and Chaos Ending, and Coda of Cillian's Route.

The following is a condensed version of my Kickstarter update post:

So! I've been trying really hard to work on Echoes, but it's taken me much longer than it would in an ideal world. 

Of course, a lot has also happened these days, and I was forced to cancel my crowdfunding campaign that was meant to help me send out Kickstarter rewards. But, having to stay home actually helped me in terms of productivity as the world slowed down around me, and my obligations lessened.

Thusly, I'm able to announce that, with a little help from my roommate and former Echoes writer, Jackie, I was able to finish Cillian's Route. We worked for hours everyday for the past week to get it completed, and I'm so happy the Echoes story finally has an ending.

Of course, there are several other routes left, but having the story itself complete all the way through with one ending is helpful for me writing-wise, and a huge stress off my mind. My biggest regret is the lack of CGs, though. It was a struggle to even get what I had due to the artists' time commitments and then later, lack of my budget. 

I hope you remember to prioritize your health and the health of others first, along with lots of kindness to yourself and others during these difficult times. Give yourself what you need to stay sane as well. Stay safe and healthy! In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy Cillian's route!

- Ajané

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Will this be available on Steam or Google play, when it's finished? Or is this a Itch site special? 

It's cool either way, I'm merely curious. 

Right now it's only, but if I'm able to figure it out, I plan to get it on those platforms as well. 

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With my dad's recent death, things have been really hard and stressful for me, Many things I used to be into no longer interested me and it kind of feels like nothing matters anymore.

I just finished Cillian's route and for a few short moments I forgot myself and my terrible new reality and was able to just immerse myself into the MD world once again. The soundtrack is phenomenal and it really brought me back to simpler times when all I had to worry about were assignments in university.

Echoes is definitely darker than SOE but a part of me liked that. It seemed a bit more fitting with everything going on in the world right now.

Thanks for all your hard work Ajane. You put a lot of effort into the quicker releases and i'm looking forward to the other routes.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. But I am also so glad that it was able to lift the heaviness you must be feeling for just a little bit. Hang in there, I know things won't ever be the same, but the light will get a little brighter everyday and the clouds will recede a little more as time goes on. That's what I always wanted my work to be for and why I became a writer. I always appreciate you cheering me on, and I can't wait to share more updates with you.

Do you still have to pay for it? Even if you bought it for $10.00 

You shouldn't have to. For me, it shows up under my library in the drop down menu for your account !

I already checked my library and it clearly tells me I already paid for it but wen I click to download the update, it says to buy it. 

Hi if you're still having this issue, please email me at with your receipt so I can make sure you get the download.


This is so awesome, I cant wait to play it !! Thank you so much to all of you ! I hope you're healthy and things are going good for you !!

Severely belated, but thank you so much!


Thank you for your hard work!! <3  Hope you're staying safe and healthy too.

Thank you! Am doing my best!